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Visionaries and Gamechangers
Women in Tech

Gamechangers are an extremely rare breed, to say the least. Bringing together the most important qualities of a born business leader and a visionary, game-changers inspire on a level that really can change the world. The business world in particular has always relied on game-changers to take long-existing norms and demonstrate just how beneficial and important change can be.

Industry Inequality

Certain industries have always been disproportionately populated by specific age groups, ethnicities and genders, leading to a culture of inequality that could no longer go ignored. The contemporary technology industry representing an ideal illustration, where younger males have traditionally dominated the scene quite convincingly. Efforts are just starting to be made by big-name tech leaders – inspirational gamechangers are however taking the lead.

One prominent example being Jenny Griffiths, Snapfashion CEO and founder. This extraordinary 28-year-old entrepreneur went from ambitious student to high-profile business leader in no more than a few years, simply by allowing her passion and dedication to drive her business interests. Her Snapfashion vision began in 2009 while she was studying at university, summarily being brought to life as a new business in 2012 and the rest is history.

Not Your Average Success Story

What’s particularly interesting about Jenny’s success story is the way in which she found a way of capitalizing on her own knowledge, talents, and passion in order to put them to use in a business area she actually had very little interest in.  Contrary to popular belief, the CEO of Snapfashion really doesn’t have a great deal of time for fashion whatsoever. Instead, she has an undying obsession for visual search and identified a significant gap in the market where a ‘discovery engine’ for fashion customers and the industry, in general, could prove incredibly useful. And so it proved – just six years after graduating from university she had a team of 20 full-time members of staff, had received an MBE from Buckingham Palace, and also scooped up a coveted Inspirational Innovation award.

Even today, Jenny firmly believes that female workers in a great many industries face a tougher time than their male counterparts. Nevertheless, she also believes that the results-driven nature of the technology industry makes it ideal for those who wish to be judged on their merit and their merit alone. If you come up with a fantastic idea and bring it to life, it doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, how old you are, or really anything else whatsoever. Though clearly and rightfully proud of her accomplishments, Jenny nonetheless admits that there are a few things she would definitely change if she was to start out again – one of which being to team up with a co-founder. Nevertheless, she is committed to inspiring and encouraging others to follow in her footsteps, bringing real change to an industry that has traditionally been something of a male-only club.

Game Changers

The message from Jenny Griffiths is simple – absolutely anyone armed with an idea and the determination to bring it to life has the potential to become a gamechanger. Anyone can dream up an idea – actually following through with it is something else entirely.

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