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We are led by the desire to give added value to already existing organizations and structures, serve as a knowledge hub and present good examples, create synergies and catalyze the STEM ecosystem to address society´s greatest challenges, monitor progress, and long-term impact. Your Future Readiness starts here!

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ECWT serves as a European single point of contact for information, collection and analysis of data, research and the development of appropriate methodological tools to attract more girls to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), for nurturing and retaining women in the knowledge economy through industry and entrepreneurial careers, promoting the female talent to provide added value to ICT solutions, supporting more female ICT business start-ups and consolidating the largest network for closing the Digital Gender Gap in Europe.


  • committed to sustainable growth, diversity, and inclusiveness,
  • experienced in regional talent attraction,
  • deeply connected to international networks,
  • implementing its work through the implementation of a long list of national, EU, EEA, and Norway Grants and International Projects

ECWT work focuses on

  • Getting more girls to study ICT and STEM
  • Attracting to and retaining more women in ICT
  • Designing gender-sensitive ICT solutions
  • Fostering women’s digital entrepreneurship

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