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9 must reasons, to Join Us

Discover Our Unique iCards: A Treasure Trove of Insights, Tips, and Resources; Available, Only for Members!

Take a stand to influence Policies, EU & global decision-makers on supporting STEAM and ICT

Trusted partner on Gender to have to work on gender policies in ICT that you can fully count on!

Connect Global NetworkAccess ECWT’s Global Network of Centers in the Arab World, Asia, Latin & North America.

Your Leader as Key-note Speaker to increase the competitiveness of your business and your top leaders at your flagship European Events!

Get Funded and position your Organization in EU projects in Horizon Europe and other EU programs!

Access to ICT qualified professionals from all over Europe with strong connections to European Commission!

Raise level e-skills & Leadership skills learn more about EU’s Digital Agenda and raise the level of e-skills of girls and women in Europe.

Match career life cycle with the industries and find the best talents amongst girls and women!

After 12 years of effectively functioning in both the leading European and global arenas,
ECWT has decided to alter its membership identification process and focus on the impact and contribution of participating organizations and individuals to the scope and objectives of ECWT. Rather than focusing on the legal type of the organization, our membership focus has shifted to the quality of collaboration and impacts we can achieve together with you as our collaborating partner. In line with the voice of our Members, we are also prioritizing strengthening our growing ECWT Community as the leading European platform for Women in Digital Transformation.

ECWT´s unique added value is created by being endorsed by the European E-skills Association EeSA as the leading multi-stakeholder European Community for Women in Technology and Digital Transformation – Operating through National Point of Contact that themselves all multi-stakeholder based platforms; Operating based on a common framework and in core priority areas developed by ITF and the UN GAID and finetuned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – Having a long track record of projects with a major regional/global impact!


ECWT Membership

Annual Fees (€50), for Individual ECWT Member

Memberships, Details, Levels & Benefits

ECWT Members are any type of organization or any individual desiring to join ECWT, share and intend to support its value and mission. They are considered members once they meet the criteria set by the ECWT’s statutes and bylaws and become members once they have paid their fee (€50) in advance for one year. As of next year, these members are included in ECWT’s communication channels and have the right to be present and participate in any of ECWT’s activities. 

More in detail their rights are the following:

  • Participate at the AGM and have Voting rights1
  • Participate as members of the Working Groups
  • Participate as members of the Alliances

ECWT Yearly Membership Fees – Organizations and Types – Click HERE for details and pricing.

ECWT Fellow Members: Fellow members can only be organizations that have been working at least two years with ECWT and they have promoted and contributed to the scope and objectives of ECWT. In order for an organization to be considered a fellow member, it should have paid its annual fee for at least two consecutive years.


Through payment of the annual membership fee, they get access to ECWT’s member activities and have voting rights in the General Assembly. They also get full rights to act and represent ECWT in activities/ events in their country as long as they are the National Point of Contacts (N-PoCs) of their country. The organization is represented by one person who is communicated to the Secretariat in a written form. The authorized persons of the ECWT Fellow members have the right toBeing nominated and elected as members of the Executive Committee of ECWT!

ECWT Ambassadors: ECWT Fellow members can choose to become Ambassadors, and have a vote in the organisation and strategic directions of ECWT. Only members after at least one year as ECWT fellow members and therefore after three years of overall membership proved by membership fees payment can apply to become Ambassadors. They do so by paying the annual fee, and gain the following rights:

  • Full rights to act, represent and vote at ECWT’s AGM
  • They can submit nominations and be nominated, for the following ECWT’s positions, elected and/or to be approved by the AGM – Director, and HLA Chair
  • They can be nominated by the Executive Committee to the following positions Deputy -Director, Treasurer, and Chairs of Working Groups

All member organizations, Fellow, and Ambassadors are invited to participate and have voting rights at the AGM.

ECWT Partners: We are excited to test our new model of working more closely together with our National Point of Contacts. We regard all N-PoC organizations as our strategic partners. Apart from the N-PoCs, we desire to join forces with corporate companies, universities, academia, SMEs, and not-for-profit organizations for running joint initiatives and activities.

We look forward to learning more about your needs and discussing possibilities of strategic collaboration with your organization.

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