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ECWT  Press  Releases

POSTED  on,   29 – October – 2023

Key figures on European living conditions – 2023 edition: Key figures on European living conditions provides intuitive visualisations and a comprehensive overview of living conditions in Europe. The first section describes income distribution and inequality, shedding light on social and financial disparities across countries and focusing on the challenges that certain groups face in accessing necessities.

POSTED  on,   19 – October – 2023

Pushing for more diversity and gender equity in the renewable energy sector

W4RES, the EU-funded project which aims at calling up the involvement of women in the market deployment and uptake of RHC solutions, will publish a report with policy recommendations aiming at creating a more competitive, inclusive and gender-responsive Renewable Heating and Cooling landscape.

POSTED  on,   26 – September  – 2022

Women4IT introduces Open Educational Resources as a measure to foster accessible digital education for all: OERs – or Open Educational Resources are learning, teaching and research materials carefully curated by the Women4IT partners to foster accessible digital education across Europe. The increasingly growing library of 300+ third-party educational content – in six EU languages – includes resources such as mini-courses, training syllabi, reports, articles and podcasts covering a wide range of topics, occupational profiles’ competencies and skill levels and is available at zero cost to everyone who wishes to expand their tech knowledge and boost digital skills at their own pace.

POSTED  on,  23 – Jul – 2022

Virtual Kick-Off meeting of the Disco Project: On July 14th, 2022, the DISCO project held its virtual kick-off meeting in hybrid format, with some partners and the EIT Project Officer participating online, while representatives of the Crakow University of Economics and the University of Lviv were meeting in Crakow, Poland.

POSTED  on,  17 – May – 2022

Dignipedia Global Oslo Visit  –  17, 20 May 2022. ECWT is delighted to increase its Digital Humanism portfolio with the Dignipedia Global Initiative – launched in connection with the visit of leading researchers from IECCPMA – The European Institute of Cultural Sciences Father Manuel Antunes promotor of the initiative …

POSTED  on,  22 – March – 2022

Breaking barriers: Differences in the perception of gender barriers in the RHC sector. W4RES, the Horizon 2020 project on Women for Market Uptake of Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC), has released a survey on the perceived barriers by women to the uptake of Renewable Heating and Cooling solutions in eight European countries (Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Norway, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Slovak Republic) …

POSTED  on, 11 – February – 2022

The Greek Innovation Lab for Women (#GIL4W) opened: #GIL4W is a partnership of 5 Ministries, 15 Agencies, Research Centers, Academic Institutions, Chambers, and Private Sector organizations, with ECWT as one of the co-founders.

POSTED  on,   20 – January  – 2022

WOMEN4IT Final Conference is just the beginning for more Women in Digital Jobs of the Future: The EEA & Norway Grants co-financed project was held on 20th January 2022 which was originally planned as the final conference in a hybrid format in Brussels. The consortium recognized the stakeholders who particularly contributed to the success of the project with the Women4IT Employability Awards given to 15 Employers and 14 Ambassadors. Just a few weeks before the event the Funding Organizations have prolonged WOMEN4IT until the end of January 2023: the training for Jobs of the Future will continue in six piloting countries and the success stories will be disseminated to new regions across Europe.

POSTED  on,  18 – October – 2021

EU-GCC Dialogue on Economic Diversification & the European Centre for Women and Technology bring Women in Tech Forum to World Expo 2020 in Dubai: “Women’s Path to Ikigai -Technology, Entrepreneurship, Self-Development, and Agility” will explore how the ‘Ikigai’ concept and innovation for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability (DEIS) are keys to the next generation of women founders and how to initiate new partnerships between EU and GCC actors for moonshots supporting the female talents.

POSTED  on,  06 – Oct – 2021

We would like to inform you about the results of the ifempower project, coordinated by the HÉTFA Research Institute. Our project is outstanding in Europe in its innovative approach to integrating young women’s entrepreneurship education into university education.

POSTED  on,  17 – May – 2021

Young Women´s leadership in the digital economy – 2nd WOMEN4IT Dissemination Conference in Madrid: The event focused on sharing experiences of leading education and youth work experts testing the Women4IT tools for innovative digital skills training. The event stressed the need for building strong STEM Alliances in all Member States.

POSTED  on,  24 – November  – 2020

W4RES Kickoff Meeting: A HORIZON Europe project with 12 partners from 8 European countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Slovakia to support women in renewable energy systems in Europe.

POSTED  on,  30  –  October  –  2020        

Get your digital career on track! – Dublin Conference 30th of October 2020: The Dublin Conference confirmed, that if European tech firms and businesses want to put an end to losing out on a wide range of talent and diversity and remain competitive on the global stage especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemics, they need to hire women across all levels of management.

POSTED  on,  11 – March – 2020

WOMEN4IT Validation Workshop in Malta: Leading education and youth work experts test Women4IT tools for innovative digital skills training of NEET women!

POSTED  on,   08 – January – 2020

Altfinator develops manual for investors on Alternative Finance: This online and open access document – developed in the framework of the EU HORIZON program co-financed project provides useful and practical tips and tricks for private, institutional, and public investors for different forms of alternative financing, aiming to highlight key aspects for investors who will invest in Alternative Finance.

POSTED  on,  11 – September – 2019

WOMEN4IT – Pressrelease of the 1st Year: One year into the project: 2 extensive studies, 7 national collaboration platforms, and 8 digital job profiles developed.

POSTED  on,  02 – September – 2016

ECWT to Join OAB: ECWT Director invited to join the EU-Robotics Outreach Advisory Board

POSTED  on,  26 – April – 2016

ECWC 2016 organized by ECWT in Brussels: On the occasion of the bicentenary anniversary of the birthday of Ada Lovelace ECWT brought together over 350 female tech talents starting their tech careers and 150 leading businesses and research representatives, providing them with opportunities for networking, getting inspired by incredible career paths, learning leadership skills, finding role models, and presenting their own tech innovations, with the goal of going for a lifelong STEM career.

POSTED  on,  12 – February – 2016

INTERA New ECWT N-PoC in Bosnia & Herzegovina: The official announcement takes place in connection with the official visit of the delegation of the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs led by Olav Reinertsen, Head of the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) Secretariat.

POSTED  on,  30 –  September – 2015

INSPIREYOWUP toolkit presented: Innovative toolkit and methodology presented and a new European Community launched for unemployed young women!

POSTED  on,  21 –  September – 2015

Projecto DAME – Visit of the Major of Gandia to Norway: Gandia (Spain) and Drammen (Norway)share experiences about supporting Women´s Entrepreneurship as a source for boosting regional economic growth.

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