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Social Innovation Brokers @ Oslo Innovation Week 2023

25-29 September 2023

Every year, over 15,000 people attend 80+ activities during Oslo Innovation Week, with 30% of those attending being foreign.

This year, the European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT) welcomed the top four Social Innovation Brokers from the first cohort of the SIB Training, which was co-funded by EEA and Norway Grants, as well as Katarzyna Pilch, Project Manager of Linking Foundation, the project’s Polish Lead Partner.

Natalia and Roman, two of the four newly trained Social Innovation Brokers, have their start-ups up and running, while Dagmara and Dominika are getting closer to completion. They all attended a number of workshops and networking activities at OIW 2023  and the Diversify Nordics Summit 2023.

The Group also participated in a two-day advanced training organized by ECWT, which focused on “How to Choose the Launch Path?” and “Be Ready for the Bumps!” led by ECWT Senior Project European Affairs Manager Dimitris Raftopoulos.

The week provided ample opportunities to test theory in practice, to participate in professional pitching events and meet the best of the 100 Pitches competition organized by Startup Lab and DNB, to participate in activities focused on different stages of start-up development from ideas to Series A, to meet with different types of funders and discuss gender bias in VC funding, and to meet leading DEI – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging professionals on the final day of the week.

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