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Winner of the European SEMI Award
Francoise Chombar, Co-founder & Charwoman of the Board of MELEXIS

Winner of the European SEMI Award

Francoise Chombar,
Co-founder & Charwoman of the Board of MELEXIS

Francoise Chombar the current Chairwoman of the Board and former CEO, as well the co-founder of the Belgian semiconductor company Melexis was awarded the 2022 European SEMI Award at Industry Strategy Symposium Europe 2023.

The European SEMI Award has been established to recognize significant contributions to the European semiconductor, microsystems, photovoltaic and display industries by individuals working in universities, research institutes or industry.

Francoise is also a non-executive board member at the semiconductor supplier Soitec, at   the materials and recycling specialist Umicore, at Mediafinn Belgian media group, and at Antwerp Management School, the best ranked eMBA school of the Benelux. Francoise is also the president of the STEM Platform, an independent advisory body to the Flemish government on all matters related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

When interviewed about her goals with founding Melexis, Francoise Chombar stressed that «our dream was to have a chip in every car worldwide. I’m proud to say that today Melexis delivers over 18 chips in every new car, and we have retained that original pioneering, innovation, and value-driven spirit. The Melexis culture is intrinsically diverse, equitable, and inclusive and I believe this is one of the success factors that enabled over 30 years of profitable growth. At Melexis, we do our utmost to keep an eye on life-balance and lifelong learning, to instill a sense of belonging, to foster sharing, co-creation and intrapreneurship, and to develop top-notch talent. And above all, we have fun!»

The ECoVEM project will in 2024 run a Women in the European Semiconductor Industry  Webinar series, save the date:

1st of February 2024 10:00 – 11:30  for meeting Francoise Chombar, the architype of a role model for more DEI and sustaining the art of active Allyship in microelectronics.