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EU Digital Future Forum Webinar
The added value of DEIS for the Chip Industry

On the 6th of SEMI organized an EU Projects webinar “EU Digital Future Forum” to present its four flagship projects running in the Microelectronics Sector. Europe lies at a crossroads with regards to the Microelectronics sector, it is imperative to ensure that the EU continues to be an attractive investment destination for the sector.

The passage of the EU Chips Act was a seminal moment highlighting the efforts going forward to promote Microelectronics. 4 EU-funded projects will be featured, comprising of partners from all walks of life as they seek to solve the issues facing us.

The 4 projects are: 

METIS4Skills – Official Website (

The METIS project coming to an end this year aims at addressing the skills shortage in the microelectronics sector and  bridging the skills gap by implementing a new strategic approach to sectoral cooperation on skills for microelectronics through involving the key players across industry, education & training and regulatory / certification bodies.

ECoVEM – Official Website (

The ECoVEM project (2021- 2024) is establishing a European Cooperation platform    of Vocational Excellence in Microelectronics to tackle the challenges of: digitalisation, artificial intelligence, green technologies, gender equality and technology and the integration of migrants. ECoVEM builds on and complements the strengths of national VET systems in countries with more-advanced VET and supports the less advanced regions to achieve VET excellence.

HiCONNECTS – Official Website (

The HiCONNECTS project develops the next generation of electronic components and systems heterogeneous integration core technology solutions for energy-efficient, high-performance wireless/wired cloud and edge computing and automotive radar in support of the next radio frequency and IT technology evolution.

IMOCO4.E – Official Website (

The Intelligent Motion Control under Industry4.E project targets to provide vertically distributed edge-to-cloud intelligence for machines, robots and other human in-the-loop cyber-physical systems having actively controlled moving elements. IMOCO4.E will deliver a reference platform consisting of AI and digital twin toolchains and a set of mating building blocks for resilient manufacturing applications.

The ECoVEM project was presented in the event by:

Imma Miralles

Manuel Castro

Eva Fabry

Imma Miralles: President ANCCP Certification Agency.
Official national VET administration accreditation of ECOVEM Spanish courses.

Manuel Castro: Professor National University of Distance Education.
VET and Educational Activities in Microelectronics: European Centre of Vocational Excellence in Microelectronics.

Eva Fabry: Director of the European Centre for Women and Technology.
The added value of DEIS for the Chip Industry.

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