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WeRin Project
ECWT and the WeRin Project Partners

The launch of the WeRin project website

ECWT and the WeRin project partners are pleased to announce the official launch of the newly designed WeRin website. The WeRin website seeks to efficiently and innovatively portray the core of the project. As a result, the website has a user-friendly and appealing layout that incorporates several multimedia forms, such as infographics, videos, and presentations, to create a dynamic self-learning environment for all visitors.

Without a doubt, the website creation will help WeRin’s social media marketing efforts tremendously, since the website has a built-in live Twitter feed to keep visitors up to speed and share the newest project advancements.

We encourage you to read more about this project, which aims to promote the inclusiveness of entrepreneurship education and support programs in order to raise the number of women entrepreneurs graduating and their degree of insertion in regional entrepreneurial ecosystems across Europe.