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Course creation

Starting with the Basics: Course Creation Form: The journey begins with the course creation form. This is where you input the content for your course. You can either create fresh content or use existing resources. The form includes a curriculum with learning objectives. The January Course Plan Button: Once you’ve filled out the course creation form, click on the January course plan button. This generates a plan based on the content you’ve provided. It’s like having a personal assistant to help you structure your course! Incorporating Videos: The AI in the workspace is your co-pilot in course creation. It collects videos related to your course topic. You can also search for specific videos or request new ones to be included in your course.

Your content, Your voice!

Add your topic, text, link, video or channel to get started. Our AI will automatically make a plan and sort through all your content.

Specify learning outcomes and assessments to get personalised uniques curriculum and content.

Students can talk to your course, ask your videos, generate bookmarks and get feedback from AI.

Generate interative Quizzes. Test students skills. Collect student results and track progress.

Reaveal insights about students skills and interests. Match them with careers.

Unschooler is an AI-driven education platform
that rapidly createscourses designed to interact with students and adapt to their feedback.

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