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Author: Ivan Pohrebniyak
Chief Delivery Officer

State of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Services

In today’s business environment, client experience faces significant challenges. Many companies struggle to deliver exceptional CX, impacting their brand reach and loyalty. Key issues include low customer satisfaction (CSAT), channel abandonment, and high churn rates. Additionally, these problems often result in inflated operational costs and revenue losses. Fortunately, Conversational AI for customer service stands out as a solution to the pain points.

In fact, businesses are already adopting this technology for strategic benefits in lead generation and user engagement. It offers a range of capabilities that enhance digital journey quality. AI-powered systems ensure personalized interactions and proactive support, which helps lower buyer attrition and improves resolution times. Data-driven insights help to refine client care strategies and better understand market demands. Such improvements bolster consumer allegiance and retention, leading to increased sales and expansion opportunities.

Written By: 
Ivan Pohrebniyak
Chief Delivery Officer