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Gender Equality Strategy
Sets out the Commission’s agenda for 2020- 2025 to promote equality between women and men in all their diversity in the EU.

Action Plan on Gender Equality, And Women’s Empowerment in External Action (GAP III)
Sets out the EU’s agenda for 2021 – 2027 to promote women and girls equality and empowerment around the world.

Promoting Women in Decision-Making
The Commission leads by example and stepped up its efforts to increase women’s representation in decision-making positions:

  • Gender balance on company boards Directive – (November 2022)
  • First gender-balanced College of Commissioners – (2019-2024)
  • Women held 48.5% of all management positions within the Commission – (March2024)
  • Commission encouraged gender-balanced candidate lists for European Parliament elections

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Combating Violence Against Women
And Domestic Violence

The Commission is taking action to tackle violence against women:

EU accession to the Istanbul Convention – (October 2023)
Digital Services Act for online platforms to remove illegal and harmful content (from August 2023)
EU network on the prevention of gender- based and domestic violence (2023)
Directive on combating violence against women and domestic violence (politically agreed in February 2024)
Revision of the Directive on trafficking in human beings (politically agreed in January 2024)
Recommendation on preventing and combating harmful practices against women and girls (expected in 2024)
Facilitating a Code of conduct on gender-based cyberviolence (expected in 2025)
€500 million allocated to the global EU-UN Spotlight Initiative

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