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AUTM Women Inventors Toolkit

Aims to empower women to participate and take leadership roles in innovation and commercialization through advocacy and the implementation of changes. Desires to provide Technology Transfer Offices with the information gathered from interviews and research of existing programs, gathered with the goal to supporting women in STEM and entrepre-neurship.

Creating a Program at Your University

There are several elements to consider when implementing a program to help women faculty members disclose, protect, and commercialize their research. Below are just some of the different options that can be used and are meant to provide a high-level overview and should not be viewed as a complete list.

Know Your Target Audience

At the outset of the planning process, it is important to identify the goal(s) you want to accomplish for your institution. Meeting with key stakeholders/supporters (female faculty members, department chairs, Deans, etc.) to understand their perspectives and to identify metrics of success will help streamline event planning and make it more effective. Below are examples of how you can identify the topics most important to your target audience.

Developed by: AUTM, Country: USA


Funding Considerations:
Early on in the planning process, it is important to establish a budget for program costs and funding. Below are suggestions. We found that many programs use multiple sources of funding in order to accomplish their goals and that it is possible to initiate a program with limited resources.

Deciding how you are going to reach your target audience is a challenging aspect of initiating a program. The options below are ones that have been tried and tested. Commentary provided in order to give a deeper insight into what has worked and what lessons were learned.

When selecting topics to discuss with your female faculty members, it’s important to know your overall goal and what your stakeholders expect to accomplish. If you receive funding from an NSF Advance grant, the main focus could be retention and recruitment of female faculty members in STEM; however, that shouldn’t keep you from exploring topics related to IP and commercialization of their research.

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