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WO-MEN  In  Finance 

Inclusion in Finance Toolbox

Wo·Men in Finance, together with Febelfin, created a toolbox focused on inclusion. This toolbox is a tested useful aid when building an action plan. The toolbox contains 25 tools (training sessions, checklists, exercises, selfassessments, games) aimed at reducing the impact of unconscious bias, tackling micro-aggressions, making the company culture more inclusive, and developing inclusive leadership.

Developed by: Wo-Men in Finance & Febelfin, Country: Belgium

Inclusive panels

Thanks to the efforts of diversity experts of various organisations such as Wo·Men in Finance, Women on Board, the Diversity Managers Association of Belgium and many other female top executives from different companies and sectors, the Inclusive panels website and the Inclusive Panels charter were created. The aim: to raise awareness of the importance of diverse panels in terms of gender, age, background and other aspects of identity. Do you, as an organisation, company or speaker, also want to make the commitment to realise more mixed panels and raise awareness about it? Or do you want to find various speakers?

Diverse panels, Why are so important?

Did you know that only 30% of events have a gender-balanced panel? That means: a panel with an equal number of women and men. Inclusive panels with men and women, but also speakers of different generations, origins, languages… have numerous advantages:

  • A mixed panel ensures richer and more open debates, with more innovative ideas.
  • Mixed panels also send a strong signal to the participants and to the outside world.
  • If you can identify yourself with equal people in terms of gender, origin, language, …
  • A survey by ProFacts in 2020 also clearly showed that Belgians prefer mixed panels.

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