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The WeRin project

Women Entrepreneurs In Regional Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.

Funded by the ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance programme, the Women Entrepreneurs in Regional Inclusive Ecosystems – WeRin Project unites fourteen partners from network organizations, associations, research institutes, academia and businesses based in six countries in Europe. Their expertise and strong reputation make a solid foundation for successful achievement of the intended project results.

The Benefits

Entrepreneurship educators at HEIs will directly benefit from the project through the improvement of their skills and knowledge to design a more inclusive entrepreneurship education program, as well as benefit from the regional and international networks established during the project lifetime. It will also be the result from learning good practices for embedding women graduate entrepreneurs and female students in the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Developed by: WeRin, Region: Europe


Official Website: WeRin
Reports, Regional Scans, Role Models & Partners: Resources
Pathway, Toolbox, Knowledge Port, Capacity Building: Activities

ECWT is one of the important partners in this project and is responsible for the Evaluation; See all other partners

WeRLearnin Principles

Knowledge Creation is a dynamic work programme that includes the application of the WeRin Principles
These are the guiding principles and assumptions for how to design inclusive entrepreneurship education and support programmes that feed into the design of the Innovative and Inclusive Learning Approach for Women Entrepreneurship, called the WeRLearnin Approach and the WeRin Toolbox. All educational resources are stored in the WeRin Knowledge Port.

Good Practices Report

Prepared by AUAS, MUAS and MTU on behalf of the (WeRin); This Good Practices report provides a cross-practice analysis of 12 good practices that foster an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe. The analysis is based on input from five different regions in Europe: Germany, Turkey, Ireland, Croatia, and the Netherlands. Find here – for the Download Link!

PDF Online (9 Pages)

Regional Scans

Five Higher Education Institutions, FH Münster, AUAS, UNIZG, MTU and ITU performed regional scans to deliver regional reports on the current state of gender-inclusivity in the academic and non-academic entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship support programmes.

Download and discover the current state of gender inclusivity across these five regions: From Resources Page!

The WebRin Pathway

Follow the WeRin path from the research Discovery phase to Designing principles,
tools and resources and then sharing and promoting them through Dissemination.
Click on the numbers to view further information, for each sector!.

Official website and source for the: WeRin ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance Project