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Meet Watsonx
AI & data platform that’s built for business

IBM® WatsonX™ AI platform is a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, designed to revolutionize how businesses operate across various sectors. By combining advanced machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics in a user-friendly interface, WatsonX™ democratizes AI, enabling organizations to easily access and leverage powerful insights from their data. This platform underscores IBM’s commitment to innovation, offering a scalable, secure solution that promotes ethical AI practices. With WatsonX™, businesses are equipped to enhance operations, improve customer experiences, and drive innovation, positioning themselves at the forefront of their industries in the digital age.

Developed by: IBM Watsonx, Region: Global

Official Website: Meet watsonx

Platform Componets

Build, scale and govern your custom AI solutions. 
The IBM® WatsonX™ AI platform is engineered to provide a flexible, robust foundation for deploying custom AI solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries and operational scales. It comprises three key components, each designed to offer distinct capabilities that empower businesses to build, scale, and govern their AI solutions efficiently.™: Scale analytics and AI workloads for all your data, anywhere with a data store …

Explore >>™: Train, validate, tune and deploy foundation and machine learning models …

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watsonx.governance™: Accelerate responsibility, transparency and explainability in your data and AI …

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Watsonx technology partners

IBM leads the AI innovation landscape with this growing list of technology partners. We showcase several who have made strides to position their integration efforts with watsonx in the marketplace. Also, Connect to a broad array of data sources for working with data in, including many of the third-party services that are part of the ecosystem of watsonx technology partners.​

Unlock productivity with the AI assistants

AI assistants are applications powered by watsonx. Deploy them to automate workflows and implement AI across a variety of business and technical functions such as customer service, HR, complex talent management tasks and code development. Deliver consistent and intelligent customer care with conversational AI. See watsonx Assistant in action >>

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