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The Better Entrepreneurship Policy Tool

Better Entrepreneurship is an online tool designed for policy-makers and other interested parties at local, regional and national level who wish to explore how public policy can:
• Support women, youth, seniors, the unemployed and migrants in business creation and self-employment
• Support the development of social enterprises

Start individual assessments

You can use the self-assessment tool without registering but you will need an account to be able to save your results. To participate in a group assessment, you will need an account. This will also allow you to create groups and invite colleagues and other stakeholders to take the assessment.

Developed by: EC and OECD, Region: Europe

Official: European Commission and the OECD
More information about: BEPT

Who are these policies and programs for?

These policies typically target groups that are under-represented in entrepreneurship, or that face greater barriers to business creation and self-employment, e.g. women, youth, seniors, the unemployed and migrants. There are 6 versions of the self-assessment Tool: an inclusive entrepreneurship assessment that can be used to explore any or all inclusive entrepreneurship groups as well as tailored assessments for women, youth, seniors, the unemployed and migrants.

Social entrepreneurship toolkit

Social entrepreneurship includes social enterprises, which are entities that have social or environmental objectives as the reason for their commercial activities. These enterprises can support local development and social cohesion, but they might need specific support measures and other enabling conditions to thrive. This part of the Tool allows us to assess whether current policies and programmes enable and support social enterprises to start up and scale. The assessment includes seven modules with thought-provoking question statements, covering different action areas within the social entrepreneurship ecosystem. You will be asked to assess your context against these statements.

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Official Source: European Commission and the OECD