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Women Entrepreneurs in Regional Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Project Details

The WeRIn project is funded by EACEA and has as a vision “To develop more inclusive entrepreneurship education programs and ecosystems”.  Project aims are to:

  • Equip HEIs with creative educators who understand the need for more inclusive entrepreneurship education, can recognize best practices in their own and other programs, and expand on them.
  • Help entrepreneurship support program managers recognize the importance of inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems to leverage the whole talent pool in their regions and their role in building more inclusive ecosystems.
  • Provide HEI educators and entrepreneurship program managers with WeRIn tools and materials for program reform.
  • Through embedding, benefit female and male students to understand how diversity influences their entrepreneurial potential.
  • Design, develop, and execute programs to address current needs and expand on best practices from other programs and regions.
  • Promote an inclusive education in Europe so both male and female students could benefit from entrepreneurship education and support programs in their regions, and thus these regions can blossom with a better influx of women entrepreneurs.
  • Ensure the sustainability of project outcomes and benefits through peer learning, facilitated by an online community, to co-create knowledge and program adjustments.

Duration: 01/01/2021  to  31/12/2023