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We are dreamers, we are shapers, and we are what we want to be

Project Details

The fundamental goal of the WaW project is to make collective business and innovation support services more effective in ensuring that women recognize and take advantage of the opportunities provided by modern ICT technologies. It represents the need to assist women in gaining new business skills such as innovation and entrepreneurship (through for example, idea generation, problem-solving, critical thinking, and cross-cultural communication skills). WaW aims to improve the qualification of women through the promotion of a series of traversal skills like creativity, initiative, problem-solving, risk assessment and decision taking and finally, to increase women’s awareness of innovation and technology approaches to combat difficulties and setbacks during the innovation generation process. Furthermore, it focuses on crowd-funding, an emerging social technology that can play a key role in supporting innovative company concepts. By providing training and education that supports strengths-based skills development and the practical application of having entrepreneurial ideas funded, we aim to help women realize their dreams.

Duration: 01/11/2015  to  31/10/2017