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Societal Engagement in Science, Mutual Learning in Cities

An EU-financed flagship project (2013-2016) creating an innovative ecosystem in ten countries for city development and launching the 1st Gender Action Plan for Gender and Social Innovation in cities.

SEiSMiC really rocked the Brussels ecosystem

Project Details:

Societal Engagement in Science, Mutual Learning in Cities’, was an EU-project financed by the European Commission´s 7th Research Framework Program (FP7-SIS) and funded by the EC with € 2 995 117,58 during the years 2013-2016 addressing social innovation incubation in an urban context. The project created a structured dialogue and mutual learning ecosystem of citizens and urban actors by setting up National Networks in 10 countries across Europe (AT, BE, CZ, DE, HU, IT, NL, SE, UK, TR). In the framework of the project, the European Centre for Women and Technology – ECWT presented the 1st Gender Action Plan for Integrating Gender and Social Innovation in city development.

The main achievements of SEiSMiC:

  • Mobilized a wide range of urban actors from civil society, social innovators, and entrepreneurs
  • Built bridges between the scientific community, civil society, and policy makers in order to develop policy recommendations that address real social needs
  • Created a platform to enable dialogue and mutual learning for citizens and urban actors on social innovation for the future, and to strengthen social innovation within a local context
  • Identified commonalities and differences across European cities with regard to social innovation needs, awareness of challenges, and potential solutions
  • Contributed to the social dimension of JPI Urban Europe’s research and innovation agenda and showed the way to integrate the gender dimension and social innovation in city development

Duration: 29/10/2013  to  28/10/2016

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