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Returning to the labor market through Entrepreneurship

Project Details

According to the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan, to bring Europe back to growth and higher levels of employment, Europe needs more entrepreneurs. It confirms once more that one of the most important factors for the success of a start-up is the entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and will of its founder or entrepreneurial founding team. RE-ENTER addresses the needs of older entrepreneurs (45+) for improved entrepreneurial skills and support, in different phases of entrepreneurial venture – from developing a business idea and plan, to establishing a company and during its first steps in the market and taking full advantage of intergenerational learning through interaction with young entrepreneurs.

The objectives of RE-ENTER include building up “Entrepreneurial Development” Practices for unemployed and workers over 45. At the same time, the Re-Enter Community will provide an innovative and inspiring learning environment through ICT, which includes creativity exercises, diversity management, and other tools, providing direct and virtual networking opportunities to starting entrepreneurs. Motivational aspects will be addressed, with the aim of customizing the program for the different motivations of the target group.

Duration: 01/09/2017  to  31/08/2019