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IntegrART aims at Empowering and Integrating Migrant Communities Through Digital Creativity and providing participants with the power to co-design and co-create the program of educational activities.

Project Details:

The IntegrART project led by Linking Foundation in Krakow was led by the desire to provide based on collaboration with a Dutch partner and the European Centre for Women and Technology with a long track record of experiences in testing digital tools for integration in different projects, provide innovative tools for Ukrainian migrants in Malopolska region. With the war on Ukraine since 24th February 2022 when the number of migrants soon reached 2.9 Million the interest in the outputs of the project has grown exponentially.

IntegrART will deliver based on focus groups and deep interviews a survey carried out among the target group of the real needs of migrants and provide good examples, recommendations, and a guideline for empowering and integrating migrant communities through digital creativity, digital and soft skills, and new innovative tools.

Duration: 01/05/2021  to  31/05/2023

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