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European Integration Agent – Development of a European professional standard for effective counseling of low-skilled into labor through adult education

Project Details

The follow-up project of the successful igma1 integration project scales up and quality certifies the role out in Sweden and extends testing of the innovative holistic integration methodology to Norway, Greece, the Netherlands, and Turkey. The holistic approach means integrating individual levels of interaction, organizational goals, as well as local and regional service levels by:

  • As a starting point step-by-step taking into account the level of competence and self-management attained by each individual;
  • Further development of specific coaching and guidance skills;
  • Demonstrating outcome measures and feedback to improve the effectiveness of measures taken (good governance);
  • Creating a joint platform for all organizations working with the same clients, thus contributing to mutual collaboration and fine-tuning of services

Duration: 01/01/2014 to 30/06/2016

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