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Innovation and Employability for Women

Project Details

e-Women project aims to provide a scientific research on how an effective use of ICT and social media could create new employability paths for women, thus contributing to the minimization of the Digital Gender Gap and work-life balance. The project will focus on researching the ways in which the social networks and the internet can fight employment inequalities and promote new opportunities for entrepreneurship and self-employment among women and young girls in Greece. New ways of improving employability and profitability through the use of new technologies will be located, documented, and disseminated.

The project will include a documentation and evaluation of existing opportunities available through online networks, tools, and marketplaces, as well as vocational and educational social networks and e-learning platforms. The key motivation for the project is to address from a research / scientific perspective the rising social and income inequalities in Greece as a result of the ongoing economic crisis.

Duration: 01/01/2016  to  14/03/2017

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