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Preparing NEETs
For the future of work & cross-partner collaboration

Preparing NEETs for the future of work &

cross-partner collaboration – with Sean Coyne, Code Institute Ireland

The EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014-2021 play a key role in the reduction of social and economic disparities of this target group in Europe and Women4IT is among the leading large-scale projects focusing on the NEETs demographic.

Combating youth unemployment and addressing the needs of young people, specifically 19 to 29 years old that are “Not in Employment, Education or Training” (NEETs), is one of the priorities highest on the European agenda. 

With this initiative, we aim to assess the digital skills of 1000 women in 7 countries as well as provide digital skills training and personalized career guidance to a minimum of 700 of them, based on the need and support of employers. We also aspire to reach 10.000 youth through digital career awareness activities.

One of the added values of the Women4IT project is creating new innovative partnerships for upgrading young women’s digital skills based on the current needs of the labour market from the perspective of employers, stakeholders, and young women.