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Women in Tech Statistics: Gender Diversity in Tech [2024]

By Luisa Zhou

The tech industry is thriving more than ever as companies are exploding and attracting new hires to the space. From CPG products to wearable tech, or software and apps to hardware advancements, technology is everchanging. But, behind the scenes, many people consider it a “boys club.” Is there gender diversity in tech? Not quite.

So, what does gender diversity in tech look like? What are some women in tech statistics that paint a better picture of where this diversity stands? That’s what this post is all about. Read on for nothing but 43 facts all about women in tech. These statistics will share the good, the bad, and the ugly about gender diversity in the advancing tech sectors.

The top women in tech statistics in 2024

  • Women make up 33% of the tech-related workforce
  • Black women CEOs are paid 38% less than white male CEOs
  • 50% of women in tech leave their job before the age of 35
  • Over 50% of women in tech report harassment and sexism
  • 3% of women in tech identify as black
  • 1.7% of women in tech identify as latinx
  • Female founders receive 2% of VC funding
  • Businesses with a diverse executive team are 25% more likely to have above average profitability

Gender diversity in tech statistics – Are females underrepresented in tech?

  1. Women make up 47% of the US workforce, but only 25% of computing roles
    A study found that gender diversity in the U.S. workforce is nearly 50/50 between men and women, but that shifts significantly when looking at tech-related roles. Just one-quarter of computing roles were held by women in 2015, and this number has remained consistent today.
  2. The representation of women in tech is less than 3 in 10 people
    In 2022, the representation of women in tech was an estimated 27.6%. Last year’s growth rate was just 0.9%, and analysts say this isn’t enough to achieve gender equality any time soon. Even at a consistent growth rate of nearly 5% per year, it would take approximately 12 years to achieve equal representation in the tech industry.
  3. The number of women in tech increased less than 1% in 2022
    In the past 5 years, the percentage of women represented in tech increased by nearly 3%, until a large 2.1% dip in 2021. In 2020, women made up 28.8% but in 2021, it dipped to 26.7%. This figure is rising so in 2022 women make up 27.6% in tech.

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