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A delegation of Gandia City led by the Mayor Gandia

A delegation led by Mayor Gandia, Diana Morant, and the Counsellor for Economic Development and Innovation, Alicia Izquierdo, visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian government and met with different companies and groups related to matters within the DAME Project. Gandia’s representatives and the European Centre for Women and Technology, together with the Spanish Embassy in Norway, have established cooperation links for future support programs presented by the Norwegian government.

While their stay in Drammen and Oslo, the project partners talked with representatives of organizations involved in the DAME project: DRIV Incubator, BOOST Global Innovation, Equality and anti-discrimination Ombudsman (LDO) and TENK – Tech Nettverk for Kvinner. A delegation of Gandia City led by Mayor Gandia, Diana Morant, and the Counsellor for Economic Development, Alicia Izquierdo, have highly valued the days of intensive work in Oslo and Drammen they have done the last three days within the framework of the DAME Project (Monitoring Mechanism for Woman Entrepreneur) organized by the Norwegian partner in the project, the European Centre for Women (ECWT), represented by its director Eva Fabry and her team. 

As part of this European project, which is financed by the European economic EEA Grants, a delegation of Gandia city consisting of six people (three politicians and three technicians) visited the Norwegian cities of Oslo and Drammen. There, Eva Fabry organized an intensive work program that allowed them to share experiences and knowledge between each other and even with companies and groups specializing in the project field.

One of the most important meetings took place last Tuesday, when the Deputy Director-General Anders Erdal from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his  Senior Advisor Henriette C. Gulbrandsen, received the delegation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Norwegian government where they expressed their satisfaction with the success of the project and confirmed Gandia´s interest to take part in future collaborative projects in similar lines.

The DAME Project has been working in recent months with 150 women, of which 40 have been accompanied more intensely, and 15 of them are on track to launch their entrepreneurial project. These figures are the reason for the optimism of the Norwegian partner to keep the cooperation. During the visit, the Gandia’s delegation has been able to share experiences and receive advice from different companies and associations related to entrepreneurship as DRIV Incubator (represented by its director Hege Eiklid) or BOOST Global Innovation (also represented by its director, Astrid Green). They together discussed issues about how the public administration can help to launch entrepreneurial projects.

On the second day, and after visiting the Ministry, the delegation had a meeting with the director of the Norwegian Equality and anti-discrimination Ombudsman (LDO), Ms Rachel Eapen Paul, and also they met with TENK – Tech-Nettverk for Kvinner, which connects women with new technologies, where they shared conversations with the journalist and the founder and director Camilla Bjorn and her team. As Izquierdo explained, “Shortly we present some of the ideas and experiences that we have most liked during our stay in Drammen and Oslo and even we think they can also work very well in Gandia.”

Diana Morant has highlighted that “Sharing experiences with people, which from other countries and in other conditions, are working on the same concerns as us and they are using other mechanisms that can be imported to Gandia to work better, is a luxury.” Gandia´s major added that “We got a lot of ideas and a new page for future collaboration with our Norwegian partner”.