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UN-DESA award 2016
Powering the Future we want

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA) has selected SINTEF as the recipient of 2016 years “Powering the Future we want” – energy for sustainable mobility – grant of 1 M USD.

Who is involved?

  • SINTEF – Norwegian Industrial and Technology Research Center
  • European Center for Women and Technology based in Norway
  • REC – Regional Environmental Center based in Hungary
  • ANME – Tunisian Agency for Energy Conservation
  • Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tunis

The award, the first award given out after the COP 21 was handed over by UN President Ban Ki-Moon in the UN Headquarters in New York.
The theme for this year’s competition was sustainable transport. The first prize is a grant of a million dollars to an activity that will make the world’s energy use more sustainable. Specifically, the UN has chosen to give the prize money to a Norwegian-Tunisian project application as SINTEF and local partners behind.
Together, the project participants will examine how local coastal vessels in North Africa and the Middle East can be electrical, with battery charging from solar power, and what social repercussions this entails.

When & where?

14 December 2016 in New York


The award is given to organizations or individuals for their “leadership and innovative practices related to the planet’s energy challenges.” The SINTEF led project will provide solutions with a key focus on sustainability, innovative technology use, and diversity.

157 Candidates have been assessed on the basis of both former and recent results.