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Third joint symposium from Cedefop and the OECD
Apprenticeship and the digital transition', on 15 and 16 June 2023 in Thessaloniki.
Cedefop and the OECD are organising their third joint symposium, on ‘Apprenticeship and the digital transition‘.
Day and Location: 15 and 16 June 2023 in Thessaloniki – Greece. 

The event will explore
the links between apprenticeships and the digital transition, and their implications for policy-making, bringing together policy-makers, social partners, practitioners and researchers from around the world.Pre-registration is now open. Click HERE to express your interest to attend the event in person.
The event will be built around papers that present new evidence or offer analysis on the challenges and opportunities that digitalisation already brings or may bring for apprenticeships in the future. Paper presentations will be complemented with presentations by Cedefop and the OECD, panel discussions and Q&A sessions with participants.Digital technologies have the potential to boost more inclusive and sustainable growth by spurring innovation, generating efficiencies and improving services. Digitalisation and automation, underpinned by advances in robotics, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies, have an impact on employment, changing skill needs and potentially resulting in skill mismatch. They also support the development of new forms of work and learning, such as platform or gig work, remote ICT-based work, distance or blended learning, and crowd learning.The symposium will explore the link between apprenticeship and the digital transition in two strands.
(a) What is the impact of digitalisation on the demand for apprenticeship training (e.g. in terms of new or redefined skills, occupations, programmes, curricula, etc.)?
(b) What is the impact of digitalisation on apprenticeship training supply (e.g. teaching and training methodologies, training of teachers and trainers to use new technologies, etc.)?