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Girls’ Day Europe 2014

Since 1993 Girls’Day has been organized in Europe with annually more and more girls involvement in an increasing number of European countries.

ECWT National Point of Contacts in 20+ countries are coordinators of the Girls’ Day events that will take place on the 24 April, the last Thursday in April all around Europe.

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In 2014 in Germany Girls’ Day was organized already on 27 March 2014:

This was the Girls’ Day 2014 in Germany

In 2014 almost 103,000 students of secondary schools have tried their interests and talents for IT, technical, artisan professions, natural sciences and engineering in over 9,000 different events on Girls’ Day!

Every year on the eve of the nationwide Girls’ Day Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel invites girls for a kick-off event at the Chancellery. Companies and institutions offer female students a versatile technology course where girls at various stations get to know more about MINT (STEM) careers and can do some experiments.

The Initiative D21, the Girls’Day action partner over years, organized the launch with its member companies on 26 March 2014 successfully. It was the twelfth year of having a Girls’Day at the Chancellery. It has become a tradition that the Chancellor – even graduate physicist, and Ph.D. scientist – one day before the actual Girls’Day is open for every girls in Germany welcomes 24 girls to explore different tests and experiments and to talk to female role-models.

Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel said at the launch event 2014: ‘I am happy to support Girls’Day every year since so long , because I think that personal career guidance is very important. From Girls’Day girls and companies benefit . In many professions talents concerning mathematics, computer science , natural sciences and technology , so-called STEM talents, are needed and income and career prospects are very good. In addition,the demand for well-trained young professionals with STEM skills is increasing’.