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Active Citizens Funds – ALLRIGHTS Portugal Trainings launched

Date: 01 February 2023

Direitos para Tod@s is an EEA and Norway Grants Active Citizens Fund co-funded project to empower and educate children and young people about human rights, gender equality, diversity and interculturality carried out between Caritas Diocesana Coimbra, ECWT and AeCondeixa in Portugal. 

Continuing the collaboration between Caritas Diocesana de Coimbra, ECWT is delighted to train 80+ professionals in human rights, especially those working in the areas of education/social intervention with children and youth and to support the training of 1400 children/youth (4-19 years old).

ECWT will also assist the valorisation of human and cultural diversity education in the region and run three (3) awareness raising campaigns together with the key stakeholders and participants of the regional ecosystem.

The first @AllRights activity in 2023 was organized the 1st of February.