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2nd Transnational Meeting with MIR and ASEM

2nd Transnational Meeting

2nd transnational meeting, on November 3 and 4, with MIR Akademien and ASEM, Asociación Empresa Mujer, at the facilities of the European Center for Women and Technology (ECWT) in Oslo of our erasmus project.

We have scheduled the rest of the activities to develop our curriculum for the #communication and social skills module for the return to work of women victims of #genderviolence.

About this project

Gender-based violence is not only devastating for survivors of violence and their families, it also carries significant social and economic costs. In some countries, violence against women is estimated to cost them up to 3.7% of their GDP, more than double what most governments spend on education. A characteristic of gender-based violence is that it knows no social or economic boundaries and affects women and girls of all socioeconomic levels: this problem must be addressed in both developing and developed countries. Reducing violence against women and girls requires a community-based, multi-pronged approach, and sustained multi-stakeholder engagement.

The most effective initiatives address the underlying risk factors for violence, including social norms regarding gender roles and the acceptability of violence. Gender-based violence often includes control over women’s social interactions and autonomy, verbal, emotional, and economic control, and threats of abuse and violence.

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