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WeHubs Surveys’ Award
Share your business start-up experiences with us and win a trip to Lisbon

WeHubs Surveys’ Award:

Share your business start-up experiences with us and win a trip to Lisbon to attend ICT 2015!

As a key partner of the WeHubs StartUP Europe project within H2020, the First European Network of Women Web Entrepreneurs, the European Centre for Women and Technology is coordinating its research actions and ECWT has designed the two surveys aimed at building the knowledge base of women’s needs and stakeholders perceptions to plan and design all other new innovative tools and services for web entrepreneurs your active contribution is important for us and the 1st European Women Web-entrepreneurs Hubs!

Are you offering services to businesses and startups or are you a woman web entrepreneur? Do you want to contribute to boosting digital entrepreneurship in Europe by providing the WeHubs consortium with your feedback and experiences on how this could be achieved?

If this is the case then what are you waiting for? Answer one of our WeHubs Surveys and take part in a lottery where one representative from a Business Support Organization and one woman entrepreneur will be awarded a trip to Lisbon to the ICT 2015 flagship event of the European Commission on the 20-22 October gathering over 4500 ICT enthusiasts from all horizons – research, politics, industry, start-ups, investors, academia

ECWT and WeHubs will be also organizing a networking session in Lisabon, which you will be invited to attend. For more info write at

The deadline for filling in the survey is the 31st of August 2015!

Answer the survey NOW: