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Educating Entrepreneurship Educators
Experience Conneeect

Experience Conneeect

Supported by the European Commission Conneeect is an international network of universities that offers interactive training courses for academic entrepreneurship teachers to improve Entrepreneurship Education across Europe. In interdisciplinary teams, best-practice entrepreneurship education is delivered by award-winning international experts, coaches, and trainers. Idea exchange and network building take place in open forums, closely linked to the global entrepreneurship scene.

Connect offers a unique opportunity to learn, experience, and design new teaching methods, materials, and learning outcome assessment techniques to maximise your teaching impact. You will be an active member of the lively entrepreneurship community in Europe with access to entrepreneurship experts and innovative institutions, organizations, and companies!

Workshop Program

A core element of the Connect approach is an intensive, one-week, experiential workshop program. The workshops are being delivered in five different European cities, Aberdeen, Lisbon, Munich, Sofia & Tel Aviv. Each training workshop is based on the same core curriculum which has been adapted to capitalize on the local entrepreneurial context. The training week covers the following thematic blocks:

Day 1: Prepare to Teach: Pedagogy, reflective practice, and curriculum design
Day 2: Entrepreneurial mindset development: Development, resilience, self-efficacy, and growth
Day 3: Creativity and innovation: Identifying, and turning, ideas into opportunities
Day 4: Supporting High Impact Entrepreneurship: Strategies for making a difference
Day 5: The Culture Context of Entrepreneurship: Why does understanding culture matter? Developing commitment for action


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