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EEA & Norway Grants WOMEN4IT project ends
WOMEN4IT Community Plans Ready for start

EEA & Norway Grants WOMEN4IT project ends – WOMEN4IT Community Plans Ready for start

Our EEA & Norway Grants Youth Employment Programme co-financed signature flagship project WOMEN4IT has after three years (2018-2021) plus prolongation in 2022 come to an end 31st January 2023. Our Partnership led by LIKTA, Lithuania and with partners from Belgium (DIGITALEUROPE), Greece (CreThiDev), Ireland (ICS), Lithuania (BETI), Malta (Tech.MT) Norway (ECWT), Romania (EOS), Spain (PlanInt) has transcended expectations in regard to all KPIs. WOMEN4IT partners have

  • 900+ young women (19-29) trained for 8 digital jobs of the future identified according to the needs jointly identified with the employers
  • 70%+ of the trained women found a jobs within three month after the training or became self-employed or continued education in tech
  • Piloting of WOMEN4IT has been carried out in 7 countries
  • All education resources are developed as OERs – Open Educational Resources (available in 5 languages, online, free of charge):
  • WOMEN4IT has set up and runs a mentoring platform and online community, launched a WOMEN4IT Employers and Ambassadors Award (with 30+ awardees) and published a Guidebook for Employers and Employees
  • During 2022 when the project was prolonged to boost dissemination: four large scale events (2 hybrid evens and 2 webinars) were organized + 12 new regions /countries were identified for replicating and rolling out WOMEN4IT during the next years ( BG, CR, CZ, CY, EE, ES (Barcelona), HU, PL, PT, SK, SL and UKR).
  • 38,000 + Youth reached by digital career awareness activities
  • 3,500 + women assessed by the WOMEN4IT job profiling tools
  • 350 + Employers introduced to digital jobs trainees and alliances