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The Golden Apple Series
An innovative way to show the Balkan`s culture

The Golden Apple Series – an innovative way to show the Balkan`s culture

In a vast mountain world, where the ancient spirits walk the forests and the Kuker warriors protect the humans from evil, we meet Vihra. She is a 14-year-old headstrong girl, whose hair is a cloud and changes with her mood. You try hiding that you’re sad when it’s raining from your hair!

Vihra is the daughter of a Zmei – a spirit of storms, and a human – the mayor of the industrious city of Khan. We will follow Vihra on her journey to find the golden apple – a mythical wish granter, which only appears once a century.

The Golden Apple is a fantasy animated series, inspired by Balkan mythology and folklore. Although based in an exotic fantasy setting, the narrative will deal with contemporary issues, with which the modern viewer of all ages can easily associate.

It is a coming-of-age story with relatable characters, set in a diverse and complicated fantasy world, faced with climate change, the effects of industrialization, social exclusion and prolonged conflict. We will tell the story through action, adventures, humor, mystery, and even a touch of romance.

For the main characters, the apple itself signifies a pain-free, seemingly fast external solution to their internal problems, while the conflicts in their journey push them to make hard decisions, choose sides, take responsibility for their actions, and face their worst fears.

Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology is presenting the project in front of the public and the interested shareholders on 17th December. The project is fundraising and more details on the trailer and the progress can be found on the web page of The Golden Apple.

A Kicktarter Campaign is still on and details can be found here.