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Empowering people with disabilities

For the 1st challenge, 50 submissions were provided from 14 countries: from the UK there were 4 proposals, from Israel 3 and 2-2 from Argentina and the USA. The remaining proposals were from Canada, Denmark, France, India, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.

For the second round, 16 finalists were chosen. The finalists had to provide information about the following:
1) Describe the problem, your solution attempts to solve
2) Describe your solution and its stage of development
3) Describe the innovative added value of your solution
4) Describe the implementation of your proposal
5) Describe the business model of your proposal
6) Describe the social impact of the large scale implementation of your proposal
7) Describe the economic impact of your solution

The selection of the best 8 proposals was based on the answers provided by the competition and on input from the d-Lab team and the Challenge Ambassadors. The final selection of the winners from the 8 finalists was done by the d-Lab International Advisory Board where ECWT is represented by Director Eva Fabry.

Members of the board are:
– DAVID ALTABEV, Senior Programme Manager, Government Innovation, Nesta
– BOYD COHEN, Director of Research, Professor of Entrepreneurship  & Sustainability, EADA
– JARMO ESKELINEN, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Future  Cities Catapult
– EVA FABRY, Director of the European Centre for Women and Technology
– GENÍS ROCA Co-founder of RocaSalvatella
– MARC VIDAL Independent consultant

The 2017 year´s winner announced the 17 May in Barcelona and they are:

Irisbond’s webcam eye tracker is a system that allows the user to control the mouse cursor by the movement of their eyes, using only a standard webcam instead of very complex and expensive devices.

Wayfindr enables people to navigate the world using audio instructions from their smartphones. Wayfindr provides digital navigation makers and owners of public spaces with the tools to provide people with consistent, high-quality digital navigation services.