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International survey on Women in STEM

These results demonstrate that the proportion of women in STEM studies has grown very slowly over the past 10 years (from 30% to 34%). It also reveals that this evolution results from opposite evolutions:

  • Stagnation of women share of STEM graduates in western countries (North America and Western Europe) has remained flat and is now below the world (32% versus 34%)
  • Strong growth in Middle East & North Africa, Central & Eastern Europe, East Asia where the % of the proportion of women in STEM is above world average.
  • Decline in Central Asia, Latin America and South West Asia where the proportion of women studying STEM is now below the world average.

They also demonstrate that school to work transition is not very favorable to women in most regions of the world, except in Western Europe, USA, Central and Eastern Europe. This is reflected by the higher unemployed rate for tertiary graduated women in many of these emerging countries and the very low proportion of women in most industrial and technical sectors.

These observations have led us to decide to launch the ACTWISE call for action. ACTWISE stands for Acting, Communicating, Tracking results for Women in Science and Engineering. This call for action can be read on the website, which will be officially launched on the 17th of November. As you will see ACTwise call for action is structured to address key issues that are analyzed in detail in an international survey on women in STEM.

We will be glad to integrate those of you who confirm their interest and wish to join the signatories of this call for action. The confirmations received before the 16th of November (12 am – Paris time) will be integrated on the website and on the press release sent to the media on the 17th. For those of you for whom delays for decision making are too short, do not view this as an issue, as we plan on keeping the media informed of new signatories in December.