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For Girls

Black Girls Code: An organization that helps African-American girls ages 7-17 learn programming and take charge of their future, mainly through workshops across the country.
CodeEd: A program that teaches computer science to girls in underserved communities, starting in middle school. They run classes in Boston, New York, and San Francisco.
Girls Who Code: An 8-week summer class teaching programming to high school girls in New York City. The girls take trips to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare and work on a final project that tackles a challenge in their community, like recycling.
Tech Girlz: A non-profit that hopes to inspire and educate young girls to pursue careers in technology, through events, classes, and interviews.


Astia: A not-for-profit organization that offers paid, week-long programs to help female entrepreneurs in technology, life sciences, and clean tech to learn skills for revenue generation, sales, and fundraising. Includes a support network of over 200 investors and 300 startup executives.
Girl Develop It: Technical workshops for female programmers held around the United States, as well as in Canada and Australia. They aim to create a supportive environment where women can join the discussion and show off their skills. Courses are also available online.
Hackbright Academy: A 10-week training program for women in San Francisco – half learning, half doing. Applications for the fall program are due in August, and it costs $6,000.
Skillcrush: A site targeted at women to help them learn technology, including tech terms, Ask Ada (named after the first programmer), and other articles.

Acelerators & Investors

Golden Seeds: A firm that invests in early-stage companies with a female founder/CEO or executive. They also offer business training to entrepreneurs and investors.
NewME Accelerator: A 12-week mentorship program in Mountain View for startups led by a minority founder (African American, Latino, or female).
Springboard: Their “Forum Program” is an accelerator with two months of coaching for women-led businesses. They also offer pitch practice and educational programs to learn how to fundraise.
Women Innovate Mobile: A three-month mentorship program in New York City for mobile-focused startups with at least one female founder. They offer $18,000 in funding in exchange for 6 percent equity.


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