Hilde Sandvik

Job Title:
Junior Project Manager

Hilde's background and experience are in working with issues dealing with international relations and social development, both in public and private sector. More recently, she has worked primarily within the fields of ICT and technology, being involved in projects for lifelong learning, business innovation and entrepreneurship, research and needs analyses, and developing internal and external strategies for communication. She has vast international experience, having both worked and studied abroad. This has given her solid and valuable knowledge of intercultural understanding, communication and international cooperation. Hilde is truly passionate about gender equality and strongly believes in the importance of promoting social equality as a collective effort, and that getting there demands innovative thinking and continuous work, simultaneously, on all levels of society. Her academic background covers a range of fields within social sciences and reflects her interest for international relations, human rights, politics and society. She holds a B.Sc. in Comparative Politics (University of Bergen) and a M.Sc. in Political Science (Stockholm University).

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